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What Does Membership Provide

MTMD - (AMFC) The purpose of The Asssociation of Mecanical Facilities Contractors is to represent the sector of Turkish Mecanical Facilities Services ideally in Turkey and in abroad, to assist in global progress of the sector by assembling Turkey’s leader Mecanical Facilities Companies and to resolve all difficulties of the members in national and international areas.

The advantages provided by the membership of The Association of Mechanical Facilities Contractors sum up as follows;

AMFC reaches to the most competent national and international authorities to resolve the common issues of the members, mobilize an intense lobbying pursuant to the technical supports of the working groups or increase its effectiveness by co-operating with the other Non-Governmental Organizations.

AMFC organizes promotion activities mainly having advertising and public relation character to augment the national and international market share of its members. Due to advertising function, AMFC realises various activities including  lobbying, media relations, advertising, special advertising a tivities,  production and distribution of CD, catalogues, film and similar materials.

AMFC assures the functions of observatory, Research and Development and the Center of Communications regarding the opportunites and threats in the internal and external market. In this framework, AMFC passes to the members the information collected from various resources related to present and potential developments by a website and also shares the results of researches carried out by the cooperation of the science and research organizations.

AMFC organizes education programmes averagely per mounth regarding education needs designated by the surveys of the members for increasing the power of concurrence. AMFC supports the rights of its members in front of third parties and establisments. The members of AMFC having the philosophy of supporting one another, appoint professionals in their working groups if necessary to demand their rights and resolves issues for the sector.


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